2016-05-02 11:28
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Laravel路由具有RESTful API的无限参数

I am building a RESTful API using Laravel 5.1. The default route would be api. The user is allowed to create a url service using as many as parameters as she wants let's say .../api/p1/p2/.../pn.

How do I make a single route to point to a single Controller, so the service will be handled in a single controller?

Note : At first the application just needs to know whether the service exists or not by comparing the url with stored service in the database. As for the service itself, it can be queried into the database later.

I read that we can use * in Laravel 4, how about Laravel 5.1 ?

I have tried :

Route::resource('/api/*', 'APIServiceController'); but it does not work for unlimited parameters

or is it possible to do it like this

Route::group(['prefix' => 'api'], function () { //what should I put in the closure, how can I redirect it to a single controller });

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我正在使用Laravel 5.1构建RESTful API。 默认路由为 api 。 允许用户使用她想要的参数创建网址服务,例如 ... / api / p1 / p2 /.../ pn


注意:首先,应用程序只需要知道是否 通过将 url 与数据库中存储的服务进行比较,服务是否存在。 至于服务本身,可以稍后查询到数据库。

我读到我们可以在Laravel 4中使用 * ,Laravel 5.1怎么样? / p>


Route :: resource('/ api / *','APIServiceController'); 但是 它不适用于无限参数


Route :: group(['prefix' =>'api'],function(){ //我应该在闭包中放什么,如何将其重定向到单个控制器 });

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  • dtvgo28624 2016-05-02 11:44

    Write your route as below:-

    Route::group(['prefix' => 'api'], function () {
        // this route will basically catch everything that starts with api/routeName 
        Route::get('routeName/{params?}', function($params= null){
            return $params;
        })->where('params', '(.*)');

    Redirect to controller,

    Route::group(['prefix' => 'api'], function () {
        Route::get('routeName/{params?}', 'YourController@action')->where('params', '(.*)');

    If you want to make routeName dynamic then just write it in curly bracket as below:-

    Route::get('{routeName}/{params?}', 'YourController@action')->where('params', '(.*)');

    Hope it will help you :-)

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