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Laravel 5.8 Restful API中的搜索功能

I'm implementing an API for front end and mobile apps now i'm working on search function where a user may type column phone number or any data i should be able to provide the data they request in a JSON format

i really don't know how to query based on the data they input, so for i did this

My Controller,

public function searchMember(Request $request)
    $data = $request->get('data');
    $member_info = Member::where('phone_number', 'like', "%{$data}%")

    return Response()->json([
        'status' => 'success',
        'data' => $member_info
    ], 200);

My Model,

class Member extends Model
    protected $fillable = ['name','member_id','service_id','batch_id','phone_number','office_name','designation','email','image','remember_token'];

And my routes

Route::get('search?data=phone_number', 'MemberController@searchMember');

When I run the API resource its return 404 | not found. I can not find the solution how to solve this. In postman I run the API something like that:

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