2017-08-08 16:19
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I have a function in which I need to replace "byte" with "$ball". This doesn't seem to work correctly. Here is the program snippet.

fun main() {

    str := []byte("$apple in a byte
    strReplace := "$ball"

    re := regexp.MustCompile("byte")

    final := re.ReplaceAll(str, []byte(strReplace))

    ioutil.WriteFile("testfile.txt", final, 0744)

Expected Output in testfile.txt: $apple in a $ball

Actual Output in testfile.txt: $apple in a

Any solutions for successfully getting the desired output?

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我有一个函数需要将“ byte”替换为“ $ ball”。 这似乎无法正常工作。 这是程序段。

  fun main(){
 str:= [] byte(“ $ apple in 一个字节
 strReplace:=” $ ball“ 
 re:= regexp.MustCompile(” byte“)
 final:= re.ReplaceAll(str,[] byte(strReplace))  
 ioutil.WriteFile(“ testfile.txt”,最终版本0744)

testfile.txt中的预期输出: $ apple in testfile.txt中的$ ball


中的$ apple有成功解决所需输出的任何解决方案吗?

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  • dongmeng1402 2017-08-08 16:24

    You use $$ which is exactly what the documentation tells you.

    The godoc section for ReplaceAll ( tells you:

    $ signs are interpreted as in Expand

    So reading the section for Expand has the answer.

    Please throughly read all relevant documentation for the package and functions you are using before posting a question.

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