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Hi i am trying to execute a script to fill data into a database using Golang

func executeTestScript(){
    cmd := exec.Command("/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql", "-h127.0.0.1", "-P3333", "-uusr", "-pPassxxx", "-Ddtb_test",  "< /Users/XXX/Documents/test/scripts/olds/SCRIPT_XXX.sql")

    var out, stderr bytes.Buffer

    cmd.Stdout = &out
    cmd.Stderr = &stderr

    err := cmd.Run()
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println(fmt.Sprintf("Error executing query. Command Output: %+v
: %+v, %v", out.String(), stderr.String(), err))
        log.Fatalf("Error executing query. Command Output: %+v
: %+v, %v", out.String(), stderr.String(), err)

The problem is that i am getting the error:

ERROR 1049 (42000): Unknown database '< /Users/XXX/Documents/test/scripts/olds/SCRIPT_XXX.sql'

i think the problem is the last param (the sql script path) that the exec thinks is the dbname

The following command in the terminal is working:

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql --host= --port=3333 --user=usr --password=Passxxx --database=dtb_test < /Users/XXX/Documents/roseula/scripts/olds/SCRIPT_XXX.sql

but i try to replicate in Go to automatize the execution of the script.

The script have drop tables, create tables, inserts, and PK with FK relationships its a very complete one so i cant execute line by line, because of that i decided to execute de mysql program to insert the data in the database.

Any suggestions?

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