2017-09-23 12:07
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使用GoLang从MySql数据库到html的图像(blob / jpeg)[关闭]

I have started using Go lately, and right now developing an example ecommerce website and i want to make item cards with thumbnails but i can't find a way to get the images from my database to html templates inside tags.

I'm using Go's native http server.

Every bit of help would be great, Thanks!

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我最近开始使用Go,现在正在开发一个示例电子商务网站,我想制作带有缩略图的项目卡片 但是我找不到一种将图像从数据库中获取到标签内html模板的方法。

我正在使用Go的本地http服务器。 < p>每一个帮助都很好,谢谢!

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  • dqrnskni67375 2017-09-23 12:52

    you have to base64 the binary and add that to an image src attribute. not really a go question, so here is more info:

    How to display Base64 images in HTML?

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