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I'm working on building a website in Go, which is hosted on my home server via docker.

What I'm trying to do: I make changes to my website/server locally, then push them to github. I'd like to write a dockerfile such that it pulls this data from my github, builds the image, which my docker-compose file will then use to create the container.

Unfortunately, all of my attempts have been somewhat close but wrong.

FROM golang:1.8-onbuild
MAINTAINER <my info>
RUN go get <my github url>
ENV webserver_path /website/
ENV PATH $PATH: webserver_path
COPY website/ .
RUN go build .
ENTRYPOINT ./website
EXPOSE <ports>

This file is kind of a combination of a few small guides I found through google searches, but none quite gave me the information I needed and it never quite worked.

I'm hoping somebody with decent docker experience can just put a Dockerfile together for me to use as a guide so I can find what I'm doing wrong? I think what I'm looking for can be done in only a few lines, and mine is a little more verbose than needed.


Project layout:

enter image description here

Data: is where my go files are Sidenote: This was throwing me errors when trying to build image, something about not being in the environment path. Not sure if that is helpful

Static: CSS, JS, Images

TPL: go template files

Main.go: launches server/website

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