2018-05-02 04:25
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在Golang中执行SQL Plus命令

I need to run a .sql file in Golang with Sql Plus, which creates a table and a file named tb_data_20180502104923. I named the .sql script as tb_data_20180502104923.sql with contents as follows:

set headsep off
set pagesize 0
set trimspool on
set trimout on
create table tb_data_20180502104923
select * from tb_data;
spool tb_data_20180502104923.txt
SELECT data_id||';'||data_content FROM tb_data_20180502104923;
spool off

I have tried this with os/exec like this:

func main(){
    cmd := exec.Command("sqlplus -s admin/123#@ < tb_data_20180502104923.sql")

    var out, stderr bytes.Buffer

    cmd.Stdout = &out
    cmd.Stderr = &stderr

    err := cmd.Run()
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("Error executing query. Command Output: %+v
: %+v, %v", out.String(), stderr.String(), err)

Which return me an error message:

2018/05/02 11:06:46 Error executing query. Command Output: 
: , fork/exec sqlplus -s admin/123#@ < tb_data_20180502104923.sql: no such file or directory
exit status 1

And if I change the cmd := exec.Command statement to:

cmd := exec.Command("sqlplus", "-s", "admin/123#@", "< tb_data_20180502104923.sql")

It return me nothing, and both tabel & file tb_data_20180502104923 did not created.

Where did I do it wrong, or is using Sql Plus not possible in Golang? And if it's not possible, is there any other way to do what I need?

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