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I have problems setting up my first go project. I want to keep my packages out of my git repository.

go get installs my packages by default in my /src folder. This way I can't simply ignore a folder to ignore all packages.

Can I install all my packages in for example /pkg and how would I do this? Is there a Go way of solving this issue?

In large open source projects written in Go like for example Kubernetes I cannot find a /src directory.

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    dqftyn1717 dqftyn1717 2019-09-17 16:51

    This sounds like an issue in your workspace.

    Your workspace directory should look like this, but your workspace should not be the root of your repo.

    /bin //<--compiled binaries
       / //<--these folders are where your repo root should be
       / //<--these folders are your dependencies
    /pkg //<-- installed packages / program files

    Read the official Go documentation here:

    A widely-used standard for organizing projects is below:

    See also:

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