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I have a json object that is being used here

var tagApi = jQuery(".tm-input").tagsManager({
      prefilled: ["Angola", "Laos", "Nepal"]

      name: 'SEARCHVAR',
      limit: 3,
      prefetch: '../_realRETS/php/search/all.jsonp'
    }).on('typeahead:selected', function (e, d) {

      tagApi.tagsManager("pushTag", d.value);


The file Contents of the Json File look as such...


However I get an error because of the single quotation... and have tried the following methods, please note if my methods "Should work" I would like to know about it regardless.

I've tried escaping the quote by using ["test\'s"] and also by using html encoding, however the encoding works, it shows up in the tag with the acctual encode text rather then the character.

Please help understand how I could use single quotes in this plugin.

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