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I have data coming from MySql, answered from this: How to SQL query parent-child for specific JSON format?. Basically I query it using JSON_OBJECT() which produces the result:

results <-- The column name

{"projects": "project_name": "project 1", [2nd layer stuff]}  <-- the row

Awesome. MySql did the json thing for me. I make an ajax call to a PHP function to get this onto the web server.:

myPhpFunction () {
    //some usual PDO code
    echo json_encode($query_result);

On JS, I make a jQuery ajax call:

var ajaxRequest =
        type: 'post',
        url: '../includes/ajax.php',
        data: 'action' : 'myPhpFunction',
        dataType: 'json'

      ajaxRequest.done(function(data) { 
        //$.each(data[0].results.projects, function(key, val){ 
            //I want to access each stuff in the object here
        $('#ph-projects').append(JSON.stringify(data)); //testing it out

The problem I'm having is by this time, my object data outputs like this:

{ "results": "{...}" }

results value is a string because of those double quotes!

This is driving me crazy. Am I missing a step to prevent this from happening?

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  • du0531 2019-03-18 20:15

    The json_encode() is working fine as it is providing the result as a JSON object as suggested by your question({ "results": "{...}" }). And JSON_OBJECT() in PDO returning a string is fine as the name JSON suggests, its JavaScript Object Notation in a humanly readable format.

    You can do on the server side:

    json_encode(['results'=> json_decode($query_result['results'])]);

    or on client side,

        data.results = JSON.parse(data.results);
        // Your json data here
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