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I have a php file that generates some html and do some database queries. And there is some switch case statement. In one particular case I need to send to the user some dialog. If the user press OK I need to to some db queries and if the user press cancel I do not. So I decided to echo out a JavaScript code snippet which contains a confirm statement. So how can I send from the JavaScript the result of the confirm message back to php, and decide make a db query or not.

// some code
switch $_REQUEST['action']
case 'save':
echo '<script type="text/javascript">',
     'if (!confirm("text + variables") ) { ajax=new XMLHttpRequest();
if (!empty($_POST['userChoice'])) {
    echo 'got the variable from javascript!'
    // do some code

But unfortunately $_POST['userChoice'] is always empty. Does anybody know why?

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  • weixin_33670713 2014-09-30 12:24

    You put in the filename without quotes.

    Javascript then doesn't know it is a string containing the filename, it thinks it's an object instance called filename with a property php.

    ajax.open("POST", "filename.php" ,true);

    Don't mix PHP and JS this way,... they are totally different languages, serverside, clientside,.

    Build your Javascript a way so it works without PHP.

    Let then PHP inject some configuration using:

    var config = <?php json_encode($phpToJs); ?>;
  • bug^君 2014-09-30 12:25

    Try to pass the parameter within the url when calling ajax.open();

    Example: filename.php?userChoice=false

  • 旧行李 2014-09-30 12:32

    You're missing break; and default in switch statment




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