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MemoryError: failed to alloc mrg_uniform output——内存相关的报错?

MemoryError: failed to alloc mrg_uniform output
Apply node that caused the error: mrg_uniform{TensorType(float32, matrix),inplace}(, TensorConstant{[774400 128]})
Toposort index: 0
Inputs types: [TensorType(int32, matrix), TensorType(int32, vector)]
Inputs shapes: [(15360, 6), (2,)]
Inputs strides: [(24, 4), (4,)]
Inputs values: ['not shown', array([774400, 128])]
Outputs clients: [['output'], [Elemwise{Composite{(i0 + (i1 * i2))}}(0, 2) of ...002783281}, TensorConstant{(1, 1) of ...005566562}, mrg_uniform{TensorType(float32, matrix),inplace}.1)]]

HINT: Re-running with most Theano optimization disabled could give you a back-trace of when this node was created. This can be done with by setting the Theano flag 'optimizer=fast_compile'. If that does not work, Theano optimizations can be disabled with 'optimizer=None'.
HINT: Use the Theano flag 'exception_verbosity=high' for a debugprint and storage map footprint of this apply node.

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