2015-01-08 22:18
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使用eCheck的PHP RestFul API

I'm currently testing a feature I see added to the PHP RestFul API with regards to accepting payments via eCheck. There is currently no documentation on Paypal's Developer website regarding this so I'm simply reading the API Code and figuring this out based on how I currently have a proper working Credit Card Transaction.

Whenever I post a transaction I'm receiving an internal error on Paypal API side:

    [message] => An internal service error has occurred
    [information_link] =>
    [debug_id] => 4a0a3d669966c

Got Http response code 500 when accessing

The error is very vague and offers no hints for a possible solution.

I've create a GIST so you can the code I am using, perhaps there is something I am missing here: ChargeEcheck.php

If there is a problem with this code its gotta be between lines 140-152

I'm not receiving any other errors at all. The code to the Credit Card side of things is very similar as the code in that GIST and it works perfectly fine.

I've also looked at the developer dashboard and couldn't find anything that referenced any eCheck options to enable/disable.

Has anyone else had this issue using the PHP RestFul API's?

Some additional details I can provide:

Paypal Core SDK API Version 2.5.7

Paypal RestFul API Version 0.16.1

PHP 5.6.4

I'd be happy to supply any additional information too if needed.

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我目前正在测试我在PHP RestFul API中添加的有关通过eCheck接受付款的功能。 目前Paypal的开发者网站上没有关于此的文档,所以我只是阅读API代码,并根据我目前如何正常工作的信用卡交易来解决这个问题。

每当我 发布一个事务我在Paypal API端收到一个内部错误:

 [message] => 发生内部服务错误
 [info_link] =>
 [debug_id] => 4a0a3d669966c 


错误非常模糊,并未提供任何可能的提示 解决方案。

我已经创建了一个GIST,因此您可以使用我正在使用的代码,也许我在这里缺少一些东西: ChargeEcheck.php

如果此代码存在问题则需要 第140-152行之间

我根本没有收到任何其他错误。 信用卡方面的代码与GIST中的代码非常相似,并且工作得非常好。

我还查看了开发人员仪表板,找不到任何内容 引用任何eCheck选项来启用/禁用。

是否有其他人使用PHP RestFul API有此问题?

我可以提供一些其他详细信息 :

Paypal Core SDK API版本2.5.7

Paypal RestFul API版本0.16.1

PHP 5.6.4


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  • dongmi4734 2015-01-09 19:24

    currently REST API does not support eCheck. The only supported funding types are Credit Cards, and PayPal. However, the functionality is taken into consideration, and should be available, but there are no specific timeline available for public announcement.


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