dongsutao8921 2012-11-23 11:25
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I'm looking at several VC systems and wondering what suits my needs better.

Right now, I have the following:

  • My local machine (Win7) where I code with php with the PhpStorm.
  • A Debian Linux machine set up in my internal network.
  • A Debian Linux dedicated web server.

Ideally, I wan't to code in this machine, push any chances I make locally to my internal webserver (where I see the changes and test them out) and if all is good, push them to the web server.

Which VC system do you suggest: Git, SVN or CVS?

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  • dptsivmg82908 2012-11-23 11:37
    • CVS is a little outdated and bears quite some problems compared to SVN
    • SVN is okay but you will need to setup your own server which means too much effort for a single developer environment
    • Git is maybe a little bit unusual when you are comming from a traditional VC as it's a distributed version control system. But once you get used to it you understand the strengths no matter if you are working alone or in a big, distributed team. You don't need to setup any server and it's even possible to share your repository with others via DropBox.

    So I'd suggest Git. Find the documentation here.

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