dragon321723 2016-10-09 01:57
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When I run phpunit I get:

1) FooTests::testException assert(): Assertion "false" failed

I would like to expect the assert in the case I have.

class FooTests extends WP_UnitTestCase {

  protected $foo;

    public function setUp() {
        $this->foo = new Foo();

    function testException() {
        // I'd like to expect an assert in the class foo so the test should not fail.  

class Foo {
    public function __construct(){

    public function __destruct(){}

    public function test(){

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  • duanrao3371 2016-10-09 07:48

    You can achieve in one of the following manner:

    1) Catch the PHPUnit warning exception

    PHP emit a warning for each failed assertion, so PHPUnit raise an exception of the type PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Warning. As described in the doc:

    By default, PHPUnit converts PHP errors, warnings, and notices that are triggered during the execution of a test to an exception.


    PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Notice and PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Warning represent PHP notices and warnings, respectively.

    So you can simply catch in the following manner:

    public function testException() {

    2) Using a callback on failed assertion

    You could do something more clear using the assert_options, using as callback a custom exception and handle it as example:

    public function test_using_assert_options_PHP5()
        $fnc = function() {
            throw new \Exception('assertion failed', 500);
        $this->expectExceptionMessage('assertion failed');
        assert_options(ASSERT_CALLBACK, $fnc);

    3) Change the behaviour of the failing exception (only from PHP7)

    If you are using PHP7 you could implement this last behaviour with a new settings called assert.exception:

    public function test_using_assert_options_PHP7()
        assert_options(ASSERT_EXCEPTION, 1);

    Hope this help

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