2019-06-28 09:29
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In a piece of legacy code I was tasked to test a static function in a trait like that:

namespace App\Model\SomeLogic;

trait WhyDecidedToUseTrait
   public static function aMethodThatDoesSomeFancyStuff()
     //Method Logic

And from this piece of documentation using the getMockForTrait method. But in my case making a dummy object in order to test a static function where object instants are useless to begin with has no value.

Also testing the method in objects that use this trait seems pretty much time consuming, also tdoing a larger scale refactoring is time consuming as well.

So how I can test the trait in order to gradually refactor any class that uses it?

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  namespace App \ Model \ SomeLogic; 
trait WhyDecidedToUseTrait 

从这段 getMockForTrait 方法“rel =”nofollow noreferrer“>文档。 但是在我的情况下,为了测试一个静态函数来制作一个虚拟对象,其中对象瞬间开始没用,没有任何价值。

同样在使用这个特性的对象中测试方法看起来很漂亮 花费大量时间,同时进行更大规模的重构也是非常耗时的。

那么我如何测试特性以逐步重构任何使用它的类? \ n

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  • doutong6814 2019-06-28 09:29

    Just make a Dummy class using this trait:

    namespace Tests\YourTeasts;
    use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;
    use App\Model\SomeLogic\WhyDecidedToUseTrait;
    class Dummy
      use WhyDecidedToUseTrait;
    class StoreExtraAttributesTraitTest extends TestCase
       public function setTheStaticMethod()
          //Assertions are done here

    Hence you can test the method, but in case os coverage tests I have no idea whenther is shown or not.

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