2016-01-13 06:13
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I am trying to install the google-api-php-client on a Windows system (for local testing) using Composer.

But when I run composer require google-api-php-client:2.0@RC in my project directory, Composer states that

The requested package google-api-php-client could not be found in any version, there may be a typo in the package name.

The command I ran is directly from Google's documentation. I've searched both StackOverflow and the rest of the Internet for someone with the same problem but haven't found anyone. However, I was able to install a previous version of another similar Google package (which doesn't meet my needs) so I know that Composer is connecting to the database.

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我正在尝试在Windows系统上安装 google-api-php-client (使用Composer进行本地测试)。

但是当我在项目目录中运行 composer require google-api-php-client:2.0@RC 时,Composer声明 \ n

在任何版本中找不到请求的包google-api-php-client,包名中可能有拼写错误。 \ n

我运行的命令直接来自 Google的文档。 我已经搜索了StackOverflow和互联网的其余部分,因为有同样问题的人却找不到任何人。 但是,我能够安装其他类似Google软件包的先前版本(不符合我的需求),所以我知道Composer 连接到数据库。

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