2019-01-31 01:43

Composer找不到配置文件 - 在Windows上使用Jenkins


I have an Ant build script that is trying to execute Composer install but I get this error when executed through Jenkins:

     [exec] Composer could not find the config file: C:\ProgramData\ComposerSetup\bin
     [exec] To initialize a project, please create a composer.json file as described in the "Getting Started" section
     [exec] Result: 1
     [echo] composer update complete

Here is the target from Ant:

<target name="self-update"
        description="Self-update Composer">
    <echo message="Self-updating composer" level="debug"/>
    <exec executable="${composer.phar}">
        <arg value="self-update" />
        <arg value="--quiet" />
        <arg value="--no-interaction" />
    <echo message="composer self-update complete" level="debug"/>

However, this works fine when running the Ant build locally.

Some people say to delete the environment variables that the composer installer sets; however it does not seem to change anything.

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  • dongmi5177 dongmi5177 2年前

    There was an environment variable named COMPOSER that was set to C:\ProgramData\ComposerSetup\bin. The variable was not visible through the Environment Variables control panel.

    I could work around this by setting the env key="composer" to "".

    <target name="composer"
            depends="init, self-install, self-update"
        <condition property="composer.command" value="update" else="install">
            <available file="${composer.lock}"/>
        <echo message="Beginning composer ${composer.command}" level="debug"/>
        <exec executable="php">
            <env key="composer" value=""/>
            <arg value="${composer.phar}"/>
            <arg value="${composer.command}"/>
            <arg value="--verbose"/>
            <arg value="--no-interaction"/>
            <arg value="--optimize-autoloader"/>
            <arg value="--prefer-dist"/>
        <echo message="composer ${composer.command} complete" level="debug"/>

    It's also possible set it to composer.json.

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