dtnnpt11795 2011-04-24 16:48
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Wordpress - 具有相同数据库表的多个博客页面

I'm working on upgrading a website completely. The current website has a blog set up which uses Wordpress.

Basically, I wanted to set up the new blog on the same server (the new site is in a seperate directory), but I want both of the blogs, the currently used one and the new one, to pull the same post information from the table.

Can anyone give me any help as to accomplishing this?

I don't want to accidentally end up clearing the table

Thanks, Tom.

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  • dsewbh5588 2011-04-24 17:14

    If you want the same posts in both the sites, just point them to the same database in the configuration file (do not use the automatic install script - do all configuration manually in the config file). Note that they also will have most of the configuration shared as well, especially plugin configurations and the like.

    And of course, back up your data before doing anything so you can revert back if you do something wrong.

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