2011-05-15 17:41
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Using plupload jquery queue plugin as in this example, how can I submit the form on upload complete? I attempted to add a <input type="submit" /> button, and click this button without first clicking the Start upload. This triggers the uploader.start() correctly, and then $('form').submit() - however the $_POST data only contains: 'uploader_count' => string '0' (length=1). If I first click the Start upload button however, the proper POST vars are populated.

How can I trigger .submit() and be sure the correct file upload post parameters are present (E.G. $_POST['uploader_count']) ?

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使用plupload jquery队列插件,如这个例子,如何在上传完成时提交表单? 我尝试添加&lt; input type =“submit”/&gt; 按钮,然后单击此按钮而不先单击 Start upload 。 这会正确触发 uploader.start(),然后 $('form')。submit() - 但$ _POST数据只包含:'uploader_count '=&gt; 字符串'0'(长度= 1)。 如果我首先单击 Start upload 按钮,则会填充正确的POST变量。

如何触发 .submit()并确保存在正确的文件上传后置参数(EG $ _ POST ['uploader_count'] < / code>)?

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