2015-05-23 17:07
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I am playing with plupload 2.1.3 and can't get it to complete an upload using their custom example. I get a 103, unable to move uploaded file. If I look in the upload directory I see the file I tried to upload listed as test.png.part. My php.ini lists /tmp as my upload_tmp_dir.

From this I gather that the permissions are correct (I even set everything to 777 temporarily -- go difference).

This is a fairly newly configured server so it may not be related to plupload.

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我正在使用plupload 2.1.3,无法使用自定义示例完成上传。 我得到一个103,无法移动上传的文件。 如果我查看上传目录,我会看到我尝试上传的文件列为test.png.part。 我的php.ini列出/ tmp作为我的upload_tmp_dir。

从此我认为权限是正确的(我甚至将所有内容设置为777暂时 - 差异化。) \ n


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