2017-08-23 11:18
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I have problem with json string in php. I have an app the get user contacts and send it to server and I process contacts in my way.

the problem is that some contacts name are very wired and some error occurred while using json_decode() contacts like this

\""\p chapar","phoneNumbers":[{"value":"0411*******"}]},

how can I clean this dirty json string to work properly? I've tried to remove """ and \\// but I saw a huge amount of errors


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我在php中遇到json字符串问题。 我有一个应用程序获取用户联系人并将其发送到服务器 我以我的方式处理联系人。

问题是某些联系人名称是非常有线的,并且在使用 json_decode() 时发生了一些错误 [ {“displayName”:“Altin”''''''''''''“”“” \“”\ p chapar“,”phoneNumbers“:[{”value“ :“0411 *******”}]}, {“displayName”:“A”“”“”“basi”,“phoneNumbers”:[{“value”:“0914 ***** *“}}} ]

如何清理这个脏的json字符串才能正常工作? 我试图删除”“” \\ // 但是我看到了大量的错误


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