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If there is a thread explaining this, please let me know.

I have looked at things like Jeditable and am trying to understand how the mysql id is passed/stored in the html, or just how to do this on my own. Is there some hash table with the html id linked with the mysql id? Is this an inefficient method?

Jeditable requires a php page for the data, so what is the most efficient way to find out what mysql table/row is being represented by the edit? Obviously the data can change so it is not useful, so then what?

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  • duanqiao3608 duanqiao3608 9年前

    I advise you to use jqgrid, it has an editable table that loads data either using XML or JSON

    Check out their website

    and here is a demo where you can find how it connects to DB and how you can manipulate or edit your data:

    Please tell me if its useful for you!

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