2011-10-08 04:23
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PHP MYSQL模块未在Amazon EC2 Bitnami AMI中加载

I have a running EC2 instance booted from a bitnami tomcat apache mysql php stack. I have used only tomcat until now. Now I have want to install and configure wordpress. During installation it says that the php mysql module is not loaded. I installed the php mysql module by using

sudo apt-get install php5-mysql

I tried the wordpress installer again and it still says it cant find the php mysql mod. I googled and there were a lot of posts saying I need to uncomment a line in the php.ini file. I searched but couldnt find a php.ini file. I could find the though..


Do I have to create a php.ini file then? Where do I put it? And what should be the contents of this file. I am not a php developer. Just learned a few things to configure reading from the wordpress database to display on my website.

One more thing.. the phpinfo says there is a php.ini in a place.. but the file is not there..


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我有一个正在运行的EC2实例从bitnam tomcat apache mysql php堆栈启动。 直到现在我才使用tomcat。 现在我想安装和配置wordpress。 在安装过程中它说没有加载php mysql模块。 我使用

 安装了php mysql模块sudo apt-get install php5-mysql 

我试过了 wordpress安装程序再次,它仍然说它无法找到php mysql mod。 我用Google搜索,有很多帖子说我需要取消注释php.ini文件中的一行。 我搜索但无法找到php.ini文件。 我可以找到mysql.so虽然..

 / opt / bitnami / mysql / php-extensions / 
 / opt / bitnami  /mysql/php-extensions/

我要创建一个php.ini 文件呢? 我把它放在哪里? 这个文件的内容应该是什么。 我不是一个php开发人员。 刚学到一些东西来配置从wordpress数据库读取以显示在我的网站上。

还有一件事...... phpinfo说在一个地方有一个php.ini但是 文件不存在..


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