dongxikuo5171 2017-04-25 12:39
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i am at this moment stuck with a problem :

Let's say there is two computers : A, and B.

We do "post request" and "insert in mysql database" with computer A.

I want to refresh a page on computer B (or better, a div with Ajax), when my tables in my database are updated.

The easiest but worst solution that i found is to do a select in the database with a counter, every X seconds for exemple and refresh the page of B if the counter is higher than X secondes before.

I'm working on this project in php, javascript, and jQuery.

How can i do that ? I want a good solution, but quickly realisable.

Thanks !

(Computer A and Computer B aren't in the same page)

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  • dongrao9436 2017-04-25 12:41

    You should have your clients keep a socket connection open with the server. socket connections stay open and you can send messages back and forth. When the table is updated on the server, broadcast a message out and then have the client side listen for that message, and refresh the table.

    Some good links on sockets in this answer:

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