2017-02-14 19:06
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Acumatica Webservice上的总行数?

i'm working with acumatica 6.0 WebServices, i know how to get top by top inventory rows, but i donw know if exist some way to get the total rows number, and some way to get the last inventoryID too, i read the documentation of webservices but not exist some example like this.

some one could you help me with this logic? or the only way to get that number is creating a new screen with that info and explode it with webservice? Thanks for your help.

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我正在使用acumatica 6.0 WebServices,我知道如何获得顶级库存行,但我不知道 如果存在一些获取总行数的方法,以及获取最后一个inventoryID的某种方式,我会阅读webservices的文档但不存在这样的例子。

有人能帮助我解决这个问题吗? 或者获得该号码的唯一方法是使用该信息创建一个新屏幕并使用webservice将其展开? 感谢您的帮助。

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  • dtest84004 2017-02-14 19:42

    There is no option to get total number of records in Acumatica via the API. Since records are always returned by API in ascending order by key fields and there is no option to change default behavior, it doesn't seem possible to request only last record either.

    Could you please provide additional details about your scenario? Do you really need to request number of all inventory items from Acumatica? How are you going to use this number further in your integration?

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