2015-01-11 02:55
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没有gettext的php twig多语言

I am novice in php and I write my first web page using PHP + JS without any frameworks (maybe later).

I have the next question.

How to implement multi language in Twig without Gettext or other plugins?

Something like that (in pure PHP - no questions... but how use it in twig)

"about_site" => "о нас",
"project" => "проект",
"team" => "команда");

In fact my project has no restrictions. If Gettext is the best solution for me - I'll use it. I thought I'll have to translate only 5-10 words per page. Using Gettext for this purpose is a bit strange.

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我是php的新手,我使用PHP + JS编写我的第一个网页,没有任何框架(可能稍后)。



类似的东西(在纯PHP中 - 没有问题......但是如何在树枝中使用它)

  $ lang = array(

事实上我的项目没有任何限制。 如果Gettext对我来说是最好的解决方案 - 我会用它。 我想我每页只翻译5-10个单词。 为此目的使用Gettext有点奇怪。

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  • douguizhuang8276 2015-01-24 13:25

    You can easily use a php array like yours for translation in twig. Just pass the array to the twig template:

    /* $twig is a is an instance of Twig_Environment */
    $template = $twig->loadTemplate('yourtemplate.html');
    $templateVars['trans'] = array(
      "about_site" => "о нас",
      "project" => "проект",
      "team" => "команда"
    echo $template->render($templateVars);

    And in the template:

    <!-- a lot of html stuff -->
      <li><a href="#">{{ trans.about_site }}</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">{{ trans.project }}</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">{{ }}</a></li>

    But mind, if you have complex translations with singular/plural expressions, variables, date expressions etc. I would strongly recommend you to use the twig i18n extension that is built upon gettext:

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