2014-09-04 05:17
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从iOS应用程序访问AWS EC2服务器上的SQLite数据库的最佳方法?

I have a web server set up on an EC2 instance where I have a SQLite database stored. For testing purposes, I currently have a PHP file that I can hit by sending an NSURLRequest to http://<my-instance-ip>/foo.php, where the script will access the SQLite database and return the information in JSON. Would I want to do the same thing in a live application or am I thinking of this completely the wrong way? I'm new to AWS so I'm not too sure about how these services are used.

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我在EC2实例上设置了一个Web服务器,我存储了一个SQLite数据库。 出于测试目的,我目前有一个PHP文件,我可以通过向 http://&lt; my-instance-ip&gt; /foo.php </ code>发送NSURLRequest,其中脚本将访问SQLite 数据库并以JSON格式返回信息。 我想在实时应用程序中做同样的事情,还是我完全错误地思考这个问题? 我是AWS的新手,所以我不太确定如何使用这些服务。 </ p> </ div>

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