dongyanghan0556 2013-01-11 03:29
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Selenium 2和Firefox配置文件未应用

So i'm stuck, I'm running my script through a proxy which requires HTTP Authentication, however I can't authenticate with @:.. So I decided to create a profile that has the authentication plugin added for FireFox and make it auto input.

I've made the zip base64 file, as I'm running on OSX I used the following commands,

zip -r profile 3rkomsuo.selenium

openssl base64 -in "" -out ""

The file is 24MBs tho(edit, disabled firebug and now it's only about 4MB, still no luck)? I only added 2 plugins, firebug and Auth plugin, that's tiny! Now I've put the file into my web directory, I'm running MAMP, and I send the profile as described.

$session = $web_driver->session('firefox', array("firefox_profile" => file_get_contents(""))); 

I've checked the POST, send a correct array, i've increased PHP POST size in php.ini to 64MBs just in case, however nothing works, still loads the basic(nothing set up) profile? If anyone could help you would be my hero as I've spent several hours debugging this without any luck!

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  • duanmu5039 2013-01-12 08:15

    Managed to set up the profile, make sure you rename prefs.js to user.js and zip the folder contents for the profile, not the profile folder itself!

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