2015-04-21 17:38
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I'm using laravel's defult auth system but I'm sending requests threw ajax. If I am for example on login page and I send some wrong data, it throws me an error into console:

POST http://some.app/auth/login/ 422 (Unprocessable Entity)

but actually it returns some data:

email: ["The email must be a valid email address."]

Same weird acting for registration.

1. how to fix those status codes?

2. how to handle those errors? Just writing data.email and data.password to an user? Isn't there a better solution?

3. what about csrf token? I'm sending it with data but it doesn't seem to require that


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我正在使用laravel的defult auth系统,但我发送请求抛出ajax。 如果我在登录页面上,我发送了一些错误的数据,它会向控制台发出错误:

  POST http://some.app/auth/login/  422(不可处理的实体)


  email:[“电子邮件必须 是一个有效的电子邮件地址。“] 



2。如何处理这些错误? 只需将data.email和data.password写入用户? 是不是有更好的解决方案?

3。 csrf令牌怎么样? 我发送数据但似乎并不需要


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  • dqxafj6830 2015-04-21 19:54

    This is a validation error.

    The information is returned to the $errors variable. You can handle that any way you want but I guess the most obvious action would be to show the error to the user.

    Actually it's better to have a 422 than a 200 (everything OK, for it's not). Since the auth system relies on the validation request, you wouldn't want the controller to proceed (eg by saving data that didn't pass validation).

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