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This is a really noob question... How do I use PHP libraries downloaded from GitHub? I've never experienced using libraries (even with the use of Composer). Where do I put the library folder? Are there any other steps I need to take to make the library work?

I'm trying to use PHPSpreadsheet to read and write Excel files; in their GitHub documentation, it's only about using the library in code.

I've tried searching for ways on how to use libraries without the use of Composer but they were all really specific and didn't apply to my situation. There were answers about using libraries on a server and about using libraries on Wordpress.

I just need to use the library for my thesis which will just be on one PC, no servers or anything.

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这是一个非常noob的问题...如何使用从GitHub下载的PHP库? 我从未体验过使用过库(即使使用Composer)。 我在哪里放库文件夹? 我需要采取其他步骤才能使库工作吗?

我正在尝试使用PHPSpreadsheet来读写Excel文件; 在他们的GitHub文档中,它只是在代码中使用库。

我已经尝试过如何在不使用Composer的情况下使用库的方法,但它们都非常具体而且没有 不适用于我的情况。 有关于在服务器上使用库以及在Wordpress上使用库的答案。


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