2019-07-05 04:14
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This is a really noob question... How do I use PHP libraries downloaded from GitHub? I've never experienced using libraries (even with the use of Composer). Where do I put the library folder? Are there any other steps I need to take to make the library work?

I'm trying to use PHPSpreadsheet to read and write Excel files; in their GitHub documentation, it's only about using the library in code.

I've tried searching for ways on how to use libraries without the use of Composer but they were all really specific and didn't apply to my situation. There were answers about using libraries on a server and about using libraries on Wordpress.

I just need to use the library for my thesis which will just be on one PC, no servers or anything.

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  • duanlongling5308
    duanlongling5308 2019-07-05 04:23

    A computer is a computer - PHP doesn't care whether it's a server or not. Believe it or not, every answer you saw did, indeed apply to your situation. PHP is a tool - a hammer - and you can use it to drive in nails or put dents in a fender with equal efficiency.

    Put the library folder anywhere you like - literally

    Then, at the top of every .php file that needs to use the library, simply add:

    require '../relative/path/to/library/file.php'


    require '/absolute/path/to/library/file.php'

    It's that easy ... welcome to the wonderful world of code - where EVERY decision you make will come back to bite you on the a** ;)

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