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I used ACF plugin to build my page, I wanted to create the page that client could change what he wants in it. But I need to translate this page into 5 languages. I installed polylang, can't buy a pro version. I want to that my custom fields could be translatable, for now i can create a page in different languages, but they share custom fields, so if i set english version for it it would be seen in all language versions... I've search through the internet and can't find a working solution. Maybe someone here could help me. I would be very happy to read your solutions. Thanks.

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我使用ACF插件构建我的页面,我想创建一个客户端可以在其中更改所需内容的页面 。 但我需要将此页面翻译成5种语言。 我安装了polylang,买不到专业版。 我想我的自定义字段可以翻译,现在我可以用不同的语言创建一个页面,但是它们共享自定义字段,所以如果我为它设置英文版本,它将在所有语言版本中看到...我已经 通过互联网搜索,无法找到有效的解决方案。 也许这里有人可以帮助我。 我很乐意阅读您的解决方案。 谢谢。</ p> </ div>

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