2015-07-08 07:48
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I'd like to make a database, with doctrine, with an interface in PHP/Symfony2.

It's a company that sells clothing. So we have a table stock with product elements and a table Product with all clothes.

Could you guide me where to start ?

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我想创建一个数据库,使用 doctrine ,并在< strong> PHP / Symfony2

这是一家销售服装的公司。 所以我们有一个带有产品元素的表 stock 和一个带有所有衣服的表产品


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  • douwu5428 2015-07-08 08:17

    Here is a good start:

    This tutorial shows you how to create a blog with Symfony, Doctrine and Twig. If you rename the Blog entity into Product and change it's properties to fit you product model you are good to go.

    More on working with Doctrine in the official documentation here:

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