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如何使用composer安装Zend Framework 2.4.13?

I am Ruby on Rails developer.
In it for a particular Ruby version their is a rails version to suit it.

But now I am using Zend Framework 2 requires PHP 5.6 or later which is fine.
Now it has a composer and it has its own versions. I have tried to download zend framework 2 according to documention at I always end up with Zend framework 3.

Also Try to download sketon app from archive at But they do not have any public folder in them. But actualy I want zend framework 2.4.13 do not know to get it done. Please help.

The command: composer create-project -n -sdev zendframework/skeleton-application path/to/install always create a ZendFramework 3 app is their is a command to create a project of zendfrmaework 2.

I have php 5.6 install with composer 1.4.2

Please provide the tutorial link which is start teaching from ground zero/beginning.

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我是Ruby on Rails开发人员。
对于特定的Ruby版本,他们是一个rails版本到 适合它。

但是现在我正在使用Zend Framework 2需要 PHP 5.6 或更高版本,这很好。
它有一个作曲家,它有自己的 版本。 我曾尝试根据上的文档下载zend框架2 我总是以Zend框架3结束。
< p>还可以尝试从下载存档中的sketon应用程序 但是它们中没有任何公共文件夹。 但实际上我想 zend framework 2.4.13 不知道要完成它。 请帮忙。

命令: composer create-project -n -sdev zendframework / skeleton-application path / to / install总是创建一个ZendFramework 3 app是他们的命令 创建一个zendfrmaework 2项目。

我有 php 5.6 安装 composer 1.4.2
< / p>


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