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Laravel / Twilio接收短信

I use Laravel with https://github.com/aloha/laravel-twilio which allows me to send SMS really easily. The issue comes in that I'd like users to be able to respond back occasionally and I'm unsure of how to setup the webhooks and such. I've read through the Twilio documentation but it hasn't helped a lot, nor does there seem to be a "Laravel" method to solve this.

Are there any libraries or instructions for receiving texts through Laravel? I've tried to look into it and all I get is the Twilio PHP docs or the linked GitHub above. I'm just unsure of how to set it up, I don't have the applicable knowledge of Laravel's structure to link it with the PHP webhooks.

Also, while I'm asking, is there anyway to add a return in a Twilio message?

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我使用Laravel与 https://github.com/aloha/laravel-twilio ,它可以让我轻松发送短信。 问题在于,我希望用户能够偶尔回复,我不确定如何设置webhook等。 我已经阅读了Twilio文档,但它没有帮助很多,似乎也没有“Laravel”方法来解决这个问题。

是否有任何库或说明 通过Laravel接收文本? 我试图调查它,我得到的是Twilio PHP文档或上面链接的GitHub。 我只是不确定如何设置它,我没有Laravel结构的适用知识来链接它与PHP webhooks。

此外,我在问, 无论如何在Twilio消息中添加一个返回值?

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