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I am trying to take a value inside of if/else statement and send an error message with "that variable" because I don't want any of my inputs to be more than 99 characters.

This is the code:

if(empty($x) || empty($y) || empty($z)){

$_SESSION["ErrorMessage"]="You have to fill all the blanks.";

} elseif(strlen($x)>99 || strlen($y)>99 || strlen($z)>99){

$_SESSION["ErrorMessage"]="Very Long  Name for /*variable name will be here*/";

}  else {/*Rest of the code*/}

In the second part when I use strlen function with variables, I need to select one of it with an array or any other way but not using 3 different if/else statement. What would be the best way ?

Thanks in advance.

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  • dongqian9013 2018-06-14 22:18

    You could make an array with your three variables and then validate them with a foreach loop. Even in the same foreach loop you could make the first validation you have:

    foreach(array($x, $y, $z) as $values) {//---> the $values variable represents each of your '$x, $y, $z' variables in the loop.
        if (empty($values)) {
            $_SESSION["ErrorMessage"]="You have to fill all the blanks.";
        } else if (strlen($values) > 99) {
            $_SESSION["ErrorMessage"]="Very Long  Name for $values";//---> This will notify the first value that fails the validation.

    If more than one value fails the validation (for example $x and $z) and you want to notify them all, you could save the $values value in an array and then show it. Something like this:

    $strlenErrors = array();
    foreach(array($x, $y, $z) as $values) {
        if (strlen($values) > 99) {
            $strlenErrors[] = $values;
    if (!empty($strlenErrors)) {
        $_SESSION["ErrorMessage"]="Very Long  Name for: ".implode(", ", $strlenErrors);//---> This will divide and print the '$strlenErrors' array by commas.
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