2016-05-11 21:36
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Like the title says, I have currently implemented a socialite login on my website but I don't know exactly how to get a list of user friends that also use my app when a user logs in.

The socialite documentation states the following code example to change the "scope". I've read somewhere else that you are suppose to use this?

return Socialite::driver('github')
        ->scopes(['scope1', 'scope2'])->redirect();

Nowhere does it state in the socialite github readme what scope means in this case though. Is this simply a social media api thing? Hopefully somebody can help me out.

It also states that setting up a scope with override all existing scopes, what are the default ones to begin with?

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就像标题所说,我目前在我的网站上实现了社交网站登录,但我不确切知道如何 获取用户登录时也使用我的应用的用户朋友列表。</ p>

社交网站文档说明了以下代码示例来更改“范围”。 我在其他地方读过你想要使用它吗?</ p>

 返回Socialite :: driver('github')
  - &gt;范围(['scope1',  'scope2']) - &gt; redirect(); 
 </ code> </ pre> 

socialite github自述文件在这种情况下,范围意味着什么。 这只是一个社交媒体api的事情吗? 希望有人可以帮助我。</ p>

它还声明设置范围覆盖所有现有范围,开始时的默认范围是什么?</ p> </ div >

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