2014-03-24 10:29
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从视频中提取帧 - PHP-FFMpeg

I am using php ffmpeg in a laravel project, to do multiple things probe, extract frame and encode. I am having an issue when creating a frame from the uploaded video file. This is how the frame is created:

    $video = $ffmpeg->open($destinationPath.'/'.$filename);


This is sometimes working and creates the frame but other times is not. I noticed that this bug comes up when I am trying to open a .mov file.

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我在laravel项目中使用php ffmpeg,做多项探测,提取帧和编码。 从上传的视频文件创建框架时出现问题。 这是框架的创建方式:

  $ video = $ ffmpeg-> open($ destinationPath  。'/'。$ filename); 
 $ video 
  - > frame(FFMpeg \ Coordinate \ TimeCode :: fromSeconds(10))
  - > save(public_path(。。$ frame_path); \  n   

这有时会起作用并创建框架,但其他时间则不然。 我注意到当我尝试打开.mov文件时会出现此错误。

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