2016-06-27 02:17
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I have a table filter feature in PHP club membership webpage. I made it so the user can filter the table and choose which members to display in a table. For example, he can choose the country or state where the member is from then hit display. I am using a prepared statement.

The problem is, I need to use wildcards to make the coding easier. How do I use a wildcard in PHP MySQL query? I will use wildcards for example if the user does NOT want specific country but instead he wants to display all members from all countries.

I know not specifying the WHERE country= will automatically select any countries but I already constructed it so each controls like the SELECT control for country already has a value like "CA" or "NY" and "*" if the user leaves that control under "All Countries". This value when submitted is then added to the query like:

$SelectedCountry = $_POST["country"];
sql .= " WHERE country=" . $SelectedCountry;

But the problem is using WHERE country=* doesn't seem to work. No errors, just doesn't work. Is "*" the wildcard in PHP MySQL?

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