dongzilu0178 2012-11-13 10:25
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composer.phar更新然后解析错误:语法错误,意外$ end

I'm using Zend Framework 2.

After an update (I guess quite long because I had to use "COMPOSER_PROCESS_TIMEOUT=5000 php composer.phar update"). I get this strange error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end"... so I add to the end of the current file an "?>" but another file error has coming with this similar error.. If you see every files of Zend Framework 2 (or ex: 1.11), no one has this end.

So my question is : It's a mistake of the composer.phar when updating or a mistake with my PHP (php.ini) ?

To explain with a concrete example, I'm trying to install "socalnick/scn-social-auth". So I changed the composer.json file according the installation ( then these errors.

Somebody has this kind of error ?

Thanks a lot Have a good day !

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  • dtcmadj31951 2013-03-31 21:44

    I found the solution.. shame on me ! Just after an update of Debian

    # apt-get update 
    # apt-get upgrade 

    The website is back !

    Last update

    It seems the problem is coming from the virtual machine (I'm using VMware) so just reboot your virtual machine and all will be perfect !

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