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从Smarty PHP循环(JQuery)中的select中获取选项值

So I need to append and un-append divs which contain the values of whichever option was selected, problem is that the method of displaying the select values in the first place is via. a for-each loop using Smarty PHP templates, and I am unable to find any documentation on how it can be achieved using this.

What I've tried: as you will see below I've tried creating a JavaScript variable inside the template file, but it only ever returns the value of the first option selected. I cannot figure out why I am only ever getting the first value taken from the loop.

For example, if I have two items in a select 'A' and 'B', when selecting the value option, I will always just receive 'A' back as the value.

Smarty Template Code:

<select class="my_select" name="vlans_{$NetworkDTO->id}[]">
    {foreach from=$arrNetworkDTO item=NetworkDTO name=arr}
    <option class="addOvmCardList" id="addNameDisk{$strIdTpl}" value="{$NetworkDTO->name|escape}">{$NetworkDTO->name}</option>

JQuery Code:


    $(".my_select").change(function() {

              '<div class="divform"><label>' + $(this).val() + '</label>' +
              '<a href="">-</a></div>'


Any help is appreciated.

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