dsa99349 2011-05-16 06:15
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I have a CentOS VPS and deployed a few PHP apps already, i.e.:

/var/www/html (some static pages)
/var/www/html/blog (wordpress blog)

Now I'd like to add an Rails app, how can that be done?

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  • dqf35839 2011-05-16 06:30

    One possible way: would be to shift your static (non-php) pages inside the rails application. (That is the public folder inside your rails app). Then configure your server/domain name to have your rails app running side by side with your wordpress blog. Such that you existing blog resides at http://blog.yourdomain.com and your rails app at http://yourdomain.com. If you are using apache / passenger this is pretty straight forward with "virtual hosts". You end up with one virtual host for your rails app and another for your wordpress blog. Another option could be to try using a single virtual host but using an alias to redirect to your wordpress blog.

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