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帮助php和ruby on rails共存

I have a RoR app running on a server using Apache as the web server. I also have an instnace of moodle, an LMS based on PHP running. I have placed the web root of moodle inside the RoR space and for the most part it is working ok.

Inside moodle, if I go to sitename.com/moodle/my RoR intercepts that request and reports that it cannot find the page. If I go to sitename.com/moodle/my/index.php it works fine.

I tried creating a new virtual server but adding a second server running on 443 didnt work (the RoR based site is all under ssl).

Does anyone know of a way to tell RoR to ignore the moodle dir or get RoR to automatically detect and append the index.php to the path.

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