2018-04-12 20:08
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laravel 5.5 group by不起作用

I'm trying to get some data but I just get this error

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1055 '' isn't in GROUP BY (SQL: select, ms_razas.nombre, ms_mascotas.raza_id, from ms_mascotas inner join ms_razas on = ms_mascotas.raza_id where ms_razas.tipo_animal_id = 1 group by ms_mascotas.raza_id)"

my query is this


I've been reading about this error and it is related with the strict mode in the database file, strict is set to false by default, what should I do?

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SQLSTATE [42000]:语法错误或访问冲突:1055''不在GROUP BY中(SQL:select ms_razas .nombre ms_mascotas.raza_id 来自 ms_mascotas ms_razas = ms_mascotas.raza_id 其中 ms_razas.tipo_animal_id = 1 group by ms_mascotas.raza_id )“


  $ data = Mascota :: select(“”,“ms_razas.nombre”  ,“ms_mascotas.raza_id”,“”)
  - > join(“ms_razas”,“”,“=”,“ms_mascotas.raza_id”)
  - > where(“ms_razas。  tipo_animal_id“,$ id)
  - > groupBy(”ms_mascotas.raza_id“)
  - > get(); 

我一直在阅读 关于这个错误,它与s有关 数据库文件中的trict模式,默认情况下strict设置为false,我该怎么办?

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  • duanliaolan6178 2018-04-13 04:49

    go to your config\database.php and change the setting the database that you use

    'strict' => false
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  • dtlh12053 2018-04-12 20:31

    Everything you select you must add in the group by, here is an example


    You need to have a full group by:

    SELECT `name`, `type`, `language`, `code` 
    FROM `users` 
    WHERE `verified` = '1' 
    GROUP BY `name`, `type`, `language`, `code` 
    ORDER BY `count` DESC LIMIT 0, 25

    SQL92 requires that all columns (except aggregates) in the select clause is part of the group by clause. SQL99 loosens this restriction a bit and states that all columns in the select clause must be functionally dependent of the group by clause. MySQL by default allows for partial group by and this may produce non-deterministic answers, example:

    create table t (x int, y int);
    insert into t (x,y) values (1,1),(1,2),(1,3);
    select x,y from t group by x;
    | x    | y    |
    |    1 |    1 |

    I.e. A random y is select for the group x. One can prevent this behavior by setting @@sql_mode:

    set @@sql_mode='ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY';
    select x,y from t group by x; 
    ERROR 1055 (42000): 'test.t.y' isn't in GROUP BY
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