doubingqi5829 2017-04-13 06:17
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I have a php script that use Mosquitto client. I am using putty SSH to access to the server. I want to run the php script in background continously even when I disconnect from putty. I have tried screen and nohup but it stop when closing putty window

Thank you

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  • drqvsx1228 2017-04-13 06:49

    A simple solution is

    nohup php script.php &

    So you run script in background and disconnect the process from the terminal. If it doesn't help, try disown command after it. There is a good answer with detailed explanation of differences between these commands.

    To get full control of your script, a good choice would be a System V init script. There is a template at, which you can use.

    Copy template to /etc/init.d directory and rename it. In template you need to change variables:

    cmd="nohup php script.php"
    user="your user"

    Doing that you will be able to control your script by

    /etc/init.d/your_script start
    /etc/init.d/your_script stop

    Make sure you have permissions to write in /var/log/ and /var/run/, or run script as sudo(leave user="" empty)

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