2015-09-16 09:32



I can run a php script which is located in linux server as follows:


$ssh = new Net_SSH2('ip address');
if (!$ssh->login('user name', 'password')) {
    exit('Login Failed');

echo $ssh->exec('/usr/bin/nohup php  /path/to/script/run.php > /path/to/log/run_log.log 2>&1 &');

Now I need to add some code as follows so that it will reply finish of the job.

$output = shell_exec('if [ $? -eq "0" ];then echo "All done" else echo "Not Work" fi');
echo $output;

But it is not working. Means run.php runs in linux server but when it is finished, $output does not print anything. Could you please help?

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  • drcj64241 drcj64241 6年前

    So here is my answer:

    $pid=$ssh->exec("(ps -ef | grep run.php | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}')");
    while ($pid >0)
    echo "Process id when running=".$pid."
    $pid =$ssh->exec("(ps -ef | grep run.php | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}')");
    echo "Process is not running 

    Explanation: From Linux the output will be as bellow

    bash-3.2$ ps -ef | grep run.php 
    506       1455     1   3 10:56 ?        00:00:02 /path/to/script/run.php

    So awk '{print $2}' will provide value 1455 which is the pid of the process

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