2016-10-19 17:17
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I'm quite new to the Azure interface, but I have been working with PHP for a while.

I have been asked to make a routine that executes every some time at background, whose objective is to send some marketing mail. And I have been reading about WebJobs. I can't quite get the grasp of it, though.

For me the documentation is a bit overwhelming, to say at least. So what I want to do is understand how WebJobs work and use them to execute PHP code every some time, without needing user input.

As I have said before, I have never used Azure before and have been never asked to do such things on PHP either, at least not this complex.

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我是 Azure 界面的新手,但我一直在使用< em> PHP 一段时间。

我被要求制作一个在后台执行的例程,其目的是发送一些营销邮件。 我一直在阅读 WebJobs 。 但是我无法理解它。

对我来说,文档有点压倒性,至少可以说。 所以我想要做的是理解 WebJobs 如何工作并使用它们每隔一段时间执行 PHP 代码,而无需用户输入。

正如我之前所说,我之前从未使用过 Azure ,也从未被要求在 PHP 上做过这样的事情, 至少不是这么复杂。

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  • douyousu9691 2016-10-19 17:38

    There is a walkthrough of how to create a webjob on the azure docs - php is supported in webjobs. Webjobs are essentially a means for App Services to run a non-interactive process on a triggered or continuous basis. You don't have to use PHP, you can run another .exe if you like. Personally I write code in c# using the webjobs SDK and deploy those, they ease the way in which triggers, inputs and outputs are passed to/from your webjob via a nice simple binding process.

    Theres a more detailed explanation here. Webjobs are hosted in your app service plan, which you can look at as a container for resources used to run and host your web sites, web apis, and web jobs.

    Last copuple of things to say are 1 - that via the portal you can see the status of all your webjobs, when they triggered, what the console output was, if they succeeded or failed, etc. and 2 - Azure Functions do the same thing but in a different way - they use the webjobs api but present as a "serverless" experience instead (ie. no app service required). So if you don't want to be concerned with a web site or managing the scaling yourself, see Functions documentation

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