2016-06-28 16:56


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I’m creating an API, that retrieves items from a third party component and returns these in a specified XML/CSV/TEXT structure, that can be customized by the admin via a template.

The problem: One API-request may easily include millions of items. So it’s memory-wise not possible to create the whole list server side and send it to the client.

Instead the items should be created on-the-fly and the results should be sent to the client immediately, without storing them in PHP’s memory.

How it this possible?

Example template:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>

        <item no="{number}">{item}</item>

Current code example without streaming. Not actually working, but you should get die idea:

echo preg_replace_callback('@{items}(.*){/items}@si', function (array $matches)
    return createItems($matches[1]);
}, $template);

function createItems($itemTemplate)
    $items = '';
    while (itemsExist()) {
        $items .= getItem($itemTemplate);

I guess, I should stop buffering each item in a var and instead echo them directly? But how do I keep the XML’s/CSV’s/JSON’s structure intact or whatever else is in the template around the list?

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