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I used to include files between sites routinely, until my webhost banned the practice. Now it appears that a recent PHP upgrade also tightened the screws, as I'm getting a "no suitable wrapper could be found" error - and I'm working with LOCAL sites.

Let's start with a website @ www.gx.com and a subdomain at subdomain.mysite.com. However, they display locally as two separate websites - mysite.com and subdomain.com.

A page on subdomain.com features the following include request:


$GX_URL displays as http[://]gx locally and http[://]gx.com online.

How can I modify this include so it works in both situations? I can use the following switch to hold two separate includes, one for online use and the other for local use:

 case 'Linux':

I just figured the answer to my first question; I simply mapped out the entire path to the file in the other website on my computer: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/gx/2b/inc/D/Shared/Body/Bottom/Footer.php

So I guess I need to do something similar to include a file from my main domain. However, I'll leave this question open in case anyone has a more elegant solution.

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