2016-02-18 08:10
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Basically what I want to achieve is if user checks chechbox saying: "Allow app to change your App’s Canvas URL and Secure Canvas URL within Facebook in order to work properly" to change these two fields on user's developer's facebook account. I haven't tried anything because I've researched a lot on Facebook Developers documentation and haven't find anything that suits my problem. I assume I'll need some of the permisssions to do this, but I don't know which. Samples of code would be very appreciated.

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基本上我想要实现的是,如果用户检查chechbox说:“允许app更改 App的Canvas Facebook 中的URL Secure Canvas URL ,以便正常工作“在用户开发者的Facebook帐户上更改这两个字段。 我没有尝试任何东西,因为我已经在 Facebook Developers 文档上进行了大量研究,但没有找到任何适合我的问题的东西。 我假设我需要一些时间来做这件事,但我不知道哪个。 我们非常感谢代码示例。

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  • dpfps86064 2016-02-18 08:49

    I did some research for you as well.

    What you want to acomplish is possible. If found the right documentation on this page:

    You first need to have the Application ID and the app access token. HTTP example:

    POST /v2.5/{application-id}?canvas_url={url}&secure_canvas_url={url} HTTP/1.1

    I hope you can figure something out. Goodluck!

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